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Toni's Plumbing Service Inc. specializes in repairing plumbing issues from leaky faucets to broken pipes.  We also offer Delta, Moen, and Kohler brand products for replacing old fixtures

Water Softeners

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium which can cause scaly buildup in your pipes, fixtures, and water heaters.  You can reduce this by having our experts make sure that your water softener is working properly, or installing a new one for you.

Garbage Disposals

If your garbage disposal is emitting a foul odor or making new noises whenever you try to use it, it may be time to get it looked at.  Call our experts to have your garbage disposal problems diagnosed and fixed.

Toni's Plumbing Service Inc. specializes in repairing plumbing issues. Call us with your concern any time of day or night and we'll be there as quickly as possible.

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